Monday, September 27, 2010

The Force that Shapes Your Life!

"Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins - Chapter 3

This chapter focuses on pain vs. pleasure and how this shapes our lives. In essence Tony Robbins is saying that what we link pain and pleasure to will shape our destiny. He states, " what drives our behavior is instinctive reaction to pain and pleasure and not intellectual calculation". What some of you may find surprising is that we do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.

We can take control of our own lives in a moment by "linking pain to the behaviors we want to stop at such a high level of emotional intensity that we won't even consider those behaviors any longer".The next step would be to link pleasure to the new behavior.

Tony Robbins says that the first step in creating change is becoming aware of the power that pain exert over every decision and therefore every action that we take.

Four actions that I've been putting off:

1. Consistently eating healthier: eating 5-6 smalls meals daily, more vegetables and fruits, eating enough protein.

2. Completing Insanity and P90x Workout Programs.

3. Creating a study schedule.

4. De-cluttering my home: organize closets, pantry and refrigerator.

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