Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As I re-read "Awaken the Giant Within", I will share with you the ideas/ tools and strategies that I find interesting and useful.

Tony Robbins spends a bit of time talking about decisions and how they affect who we are and what we do. He says that there are three decisions that control our destiny:

1. Our decisions about what to focus on.

2. Our decisions about what things mean to us.

3. Our decisions about what to do to create the results that we desire.

There is nothing out of our reach if we decide: 

1. What it is that we're absolutely committed to achieving.

2. To take massive action.

3. To take notice of what's working and what's not.

4. To continue to change our approach until we achieve what we want and use what life gives on on the way.

I have promised to share what you all the resources that I think may serve you in your quest to creating an amazing life. Yesterday I came across an amazing blog that focuses on the tools and strategies that you can employ. The writer not only shares his own experiences, but provides some incredible references. Please check it out:

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